Explore Your Full Fitness Potential

In Methods & Success Mindset by Matt

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I like to think of exercise in a spectrum.

At one end there is one aspect of performance like fast, explosive, heavy, quick, and at the other end are the opposite characteristics like slow, light, smooth and so on.

We could argue about what may be the best way to train, but knowing that all aspects of training have their own benefits, why choose? Why limit your potential by staying within a narrow range of performance?

Why only lift heavy, when you can expend your spectrum of strength by also lifting lighter? Why only run long when you can also get something from running a sprint?

The human body was built to operate along a wide spectrum of performance. While we can focus our training on any particular aspect, I really believe we are holding ourselves back by not exploring the full spectrum.

So explore other ways to do what you do. If you go long go short. If you lift light lift heavy. And if you move slow move fast. Doing so can help you break your plateaus and give you a much wider range of capability.

Are you up to explore along the spectrum?