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Exploring Freestyle Workouts w/ Adrienne Harvey

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Freestyle workouts can help you break out of workouts that feel like a soul sucking dead end job. It’s easy to forget that working out is supposed to be fun and an enjoyable part of a healthy lifestyle. Adding a little playfulness and creativity can breathe new life into any stale routine.

Freestyle workouts are a great example of how you can break free of the mundane routine and breathe new life into your training.  They are more playful in nature and invite a creative approach to training compared to obedient methods that tell you to go by the book.

Girya girl Adrienne Harvey knows how to keep workouts fun and interesting.

In this week’s podcast, I sit down with Girya girl Adrienne Harvey to discuss her unique approach to freestyle workouts. Adrienne is a true artistic athlete and goes far beyond the typical set and rep routines. She’s been known to incorporate odd objects like rocks and maces into her workouts as well as slack lines and even throwing knives.

Check out this video of her carrying a heavy stone:

Also, check out this one of her incorporating ring pull-ups and rock handstands:

Needless to say, I love the home gym she set up in her backyard. There’s just something about training in the outdoors with a few simple pieces of equipment that inspire a playful nature. These days, gyms are equipped with the latest high-tech gadgets. While fancy machines and electronics are great, they seem to lack the soul and expression that comes from messing around in a back yard.

Check out this week’s podcast with Adrienne. Her insights and approach to training are sure to breathe some new life into any stale routine you may be following.

You can also find Adrienne on her website and Facebook page.