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Fitness Influences vs. Root Causes

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Root cause vs influences. Which one are you going to bet your time and effort on?

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, there are root causes and then there are influences.

Root causes give you everything you want and less of what you don’t. They bring you greater results a lot faster and with minimal effort.

They also bring you results regardless of anything else in your life. As long as the root cause is covered you’ll have success, no ifs,¬†ands or buts.

Influences, on the other hand, can cost you needless time, money and effort. They are also a complete crap shoot towards helping you achieve your goals.

The biggest reason for the struggle within our fitness culture is because there is too much confusion over what are root causes and what are merely influences.

Listen in here and learn why getting the two confused can cost you everything you want from fitness while also draining your time, money and other resources.