Why Fitness is NOT a Journey

In Methods & Success Mindsetby Matt

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They say that this fitness thing is a journey, but I beg to differ. A journey has one key component which the fitness “journey” will never have;

A destination.

I used to believe there was a destination out there. Every time I picked up a magazine or watched a movie I saw people who seemed to have arrived at a special place. They had the body, the performance, and the health that seemed like a complete deal. I imagined that they felt like they had arrived at a level and were happy to be there.

That destination was something I raced towards for many years, only to find out that it’s just as futile as chasing the horizon.  As I met and spoke with those who seemed to have it all, they too felt like they were outcasts  of that precious destination where everything seemed to be perfect, or at least acceptable.

It took a long time until I realized that there is no destination, no promised land and no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That’s not to say there are no rewards or good times, I’m just saying that there is no end. That pot of gold is paving the road you travel now. It’s under your very feet as you move forward.

All we need to do, to feel the sensations of that mythical destination is to take pleasure in  where we are now and, more importantly, to enjoy the wind in our hair. After all, when I ride a bike, I’m not riding to the end of the trail. Instead I’m riding for the sake of riding. I don’t lift a weight to get it off the floor, but rather to have the experience of lifting it.

There is no destination, and that’s a good thing because it means that you don’t have to put off the joy and pleasure of fitness for even one second. You can have it all right here and now and never have to stop feeling the rush of moving forward. It’s the progress of being .00001% better today than you were yesterday that can make you happy. It’s also the excitement of knowing that you’re going to be slightly more fit tomorrow than you are today.

Happiness isn’t in being at a destination, but rather moving towards it, and then moving past it.