For the Love of God, Stop Spending Money to Lose Weight!

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Losing weight doesn’t ever require a new set of charges on your credit card.

This idea is contrary to the message you hear this time of year. It’s the second week in January and the weight loss adds are everywhere.  There are all sorts of services and products being advertised but the message is always the same:

“If you want to lose weight, spend money on our products and services.”

I’ll just come right out and say it; you don’t ever need to spend a dime to lose weight.  I’m not saying the weight loss goods or services can’t help, but you don’t need any of them. There is absolutely no connection between your bank account and the fat on your body. It’s impossible to spend your way thin.

And then there’s this idea that healthy food costs more and are more expensive. Sure, some food can be more expensive but you don’t have to eat the organic, fair trade, vegan, dolphin safe, free range, happy-go-lucky paleo bars sold at health food store for $3.99 each. A simple Sunbelt granola bar is 25 cents each and they still rock. They also taste a hell of a lot better. Healthy food is important but the root cause of weight loss is  calories, not free range chicken.

Besides there’s no such thing as a food or nutrient that directly causes weight loss. You lose fat because  of what and how much you don’t eat, not because of something you do eat. The simple act of cutting back on food means you cut back on fat, sugar, sodium, grains, meat, dairy, food coloring, or anything else that’s branded as evil in the latest diet trends. Plus it means you spend less money over all.

But what if you feel like you need a little help and don’t want to go it alone?

There are so many free smart phone apps out there regarding weight loss that it’s overwhelming. Everything from calorie trackers, food logs, sleep trackers and exercise journals can be downloaded to make your smart phone your own personal fitness and fat loss assistant.

Finally buying stuff not only means you have money going out the door, but it also causes you to reinforce the idea that you need something, someone or some service in order to lose weight. In other words, you must become dependent upon something to lose the weight and keep it off.

The more you depend on someone or something else to reach your goals the less you learn to stand on your own. This is a shame because when it comes to getting in shape, you are your only hope. No one else and no product or service on earth will ever make you lose weight. Weight management is always 100% your responsibility and the more you depend on other’s the more you shirk the responsibility off of yourself and place it on things that have a very limited influence towards your success.

Everyone and everything else has limited power to make changes in your weight, but it all costs money. You have 100% of the power and you don’t have to pay yourself a dime.