Please download and enjoy these free PDF eBooks. These books cover some simple ideas on training and Healthy Eating but don’t warrant an entire book, like the ones I’ve written on Amazon.

Feel free to download, use and pass these digital documents forward to anyone you believe may benefit from them.


A simple diet-free approach to losing weight on your own terms.

12 Essential lessons you need to understand if you want to build muscle using calisthenics training.

A powerful new way to apply the workouts from Paul Wade’s book, Convict Conditioning.

The first document ever written on the official RDP approach to strength training.

Some of the best hacks and shortcuts that make staying in shape easier than ever.

Simple simplest, easiest, and most practical way to ensure you’re making progress in your workouts.

A bare-bones approach to building muscle with 3 basic calisthenics exercises.

An eBook addition to help you get the most out of my second book, Smart Bodyweight Training.