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I sometimes find massive lessons that are true game changers. I know a simple blog post or video isn’t going to do the information justice so I write an Ebook for you to download.

Download, apply and enjoy!

Fitness Shortcuts

Who says there are no shortcuts when it comes to diet and exercise?! Well, I’m here to not only prove that shortcuts exist, but that you won’t reach your goals without them! That’s right, the more you tell yourself “there are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going” the more you avoid the very things that will help you build muscle, lose weight and get in the best shape of your life!

This free ebook explains why shortcuts are your best chance at success plus a collection of some of the best diet and exercise shortcuts available.

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C.C. Plus Workout Program 

Building muscle with calisthenics presents a massive catch-22. On one hand, you need to develop physical skills which require high volume training, but you also need to fatigue muscle with requires low volume training. Your muscle building potential is also limited by your skills and vice versa. C.C. Plus solves this dilemma with a simple weekly routine that optimizes skill and muscle building workouts without compromising either goal. It’s the ultimate win-win!

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Calorie Hacking

Ever wonder why most weight loss plans work for a little while and then stop being effective? Why can’t a single diet or workout program make you lose all the weight you want?

The answer rests in a simple natural law that prevents any and all weight loss programs from being endlessly effective. Sadly, almost all plans completely ignore this law setting you up for guaranteed frustration and limited results. That’s why I wrote Calorie Hacking, a free ebook about a flexible plan that not only acknowledges this law but uses it to your advantage to lose weight and keep it off for good!

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