Grind-Style Calisthenics Routines for Building Muscle

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Today’s podcast/ post highlights my favorite weekly Grind-Style Calisthenics routines for building muscle.

Granted, it’s not that actual routine that causes muscle growth, but rather the progression of the routine that does. The best routine in the world won’t do jack sh*t for you if you don’t strive to improve how well you do it from one workout to the next. That’s what progression is all about.

Still, a good routine that fits your schedule and preferences can make a big difference by helping you establish stable workout habits. That’s why I wanted to share some of my favorite Grind-Style Calisthenics routines here today.

NOTE: The routines in GSC use the Chain Training approach. If you’re not familiar with Chain Training you can read about it in my book, Smart Bodyweight Training, or download the free ebook here.

#1 Movement/ support chain 4-day split

This plan is a great one for beginners or those who want to include other activities in addition to their calisthenics training like martial arts or running. It effectively alternates between workouts that train all three movement chains (Push, pull, squat) with a workout that works the three support chains (Flexion, extension and lateral).

#2 Movement/ support 6-day split

This will add more volume and take more time and energy than the four day split so it’s ideal for those who are looking to make their calisthenics training the primary part of their exercise program.

#3 6-day movement and support chain super sets.

This is my favorite approach since it only focuses on two main exercises each day, and breaks up the workout between a movement chain and support chain.

All of these routines are simply templates and can be changed as you see fit. As long as the general amount of workload and volume is around 6-12 working sets per tension chain per week, you’ll be on the right track.