Healthy Eating vs. Eating Right

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I’m a really big fan of healthy eating, but not so much a fan of eating right.

The two terms might seem to convey the same idea, but they are almost polar opposites in my mind.

Eating right, brings to mind similar terms like “Being good” and “Eating clean.” The primary goal of which is about sticking to a set of rules or dietary regulations laid out in a ¬†program. The idea is that there is a theory out there on how best to eat and eating right is about sticking to that theory. Supposedly, if you stick to the theory, you’ll have an optimal diet.

Healthy eating has a different objective. It’s goal is to satisfy and fulfill your appetites without any negative consequences. In other words you feel great, enjoy your food, endure little to no cravings and have no regrets. This includes emotional and mental appetites as well. While a certain diet might nourish the body, if it leaves the mind hungry or stressed then it’s still not as healthy as possible. There’s still a few shortcomings that need to be addressed.

I believe in healthy eating as an ideal because it’s a self regulated system. It allows you to build ¬†optimal eating habits that serve you best. It also conforms to your lifestyle resources like what foods you enjoy and have on hand. It doesn’t attempt to shoe-horn your body and mind into a particular dietary system or belief.

In the next post, I’ll cover the first step towards improving your healthy eating skills.