Healthy Eating

“Improving your health should be the primary goal of all of your dietary habits. This goes not only for physical health but mental and emotional relationships with food as well.” 

What it Means to “Eat Healthily”

Restrictive dogmatic eating strategies are everywhere. Countless books and articles are written every year, each one promising to be the ultimate solution to all of your problems before falling short of what you want while fading into obscurity.

None of these modern approaches are about eating healthy. Instead, they are about “eating right” or correctly according to a set of rules some expert created. While those rules are based on scientific merit, they almost always ignore the most unhealthy, fattening and toxic ingredient of all. Stress.

The entire purpose of Healthy Eating is to use food as a means to remove stress in your life, not cause it. This includes physical stress such as hunger, cravings and unhealthy blood sugar levels. It’s also about reducing mental and emotional stress associated with food such as anxiety, guilt, and fear of eating particular foods.

The ironic thing is that diets often portray enduring stress as a noble rite of passage. That suffering stress in the name of “eating right” is something to be proud of and a sign that you’re doing the right thing. I used to think that way myself until I learned that true healthy eating means reducing such stress rather than having to endure it.

Benefits of Healthy Eating

The benefits of Healthy Eating include everything you want from eating right and more. It will help you lose and control your weight as well as manage hunger, hormones, and blood sugar levels. It will optimize your energy levels which will improve your ability to work and exercise.

Healthy Eating benefits go beyond just physical improvement. Say goodbye to negative feelings associated with food like anxiety, guilt, and fear. Your mind can finally relax around food as you gain control over your desire to eat.

Best of all, Healthy Eating doesn’t force you to confirm your daily habits around a dietary “lifestyle.” It’s a flexible approach that doesn’t force you to follow a strict set of rules which dictate how you should eat. You can enjoy yourself regardless of what’s on the menu at a restaurant, cook-out or dinner date. Food can finally fit around your life rather than the other way around.

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How to get started

Unlike a cut and paste diet plan, everyone’s approach to eating healthy is different.  You have your own unique needs and preferences, many of which will change and require modifying your diet to accommodate. You can get started with this page on satisfying the 4 appetites which form the foundation of a healthy diet.

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