Variety of food choices including salad, steak, apple, beer, ice cream and pasta

What to Consider When Making Healthy Food Choices

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A sound diet requires making healthy food choices every day. That much is obvious but the big question is how do you make such choices? What should you consider and take into account?

If you follow the popular diet trends you’ll find many experts place emphasis on what type of food you should eat or not eat. While what you eat is certainly important, basing your food choices on that alone isn’t enough. There are plenty of circumstances when you can eat the same food yet obtain different results.

Take portion size for example. Eating a cup of vanilla ice cream is going to affect your body differently than eating a large bowl of several scoops. The same can be said for alcohol. One drink will make you feel different than 5.

What you eat is very important but so is how much you eat in a single sitting. Photo credit

One of the biggest disadvantages of dietary dogmas is they tend to overemphasize the importance of a limited number of healthy food considerations while ignoring others. Not only can this limit your freedom of choice, but it also restricts your ability to make the healthiest food choices for your individual needs.

Food is not only a vital component when trying to take your fitness to the next level. It also gives you strength and stability in many other aspects of your health. When you eat healthily, your mental wellbeing naturally improves as you feel more energized and nourished. If you wear eyeglasses, increasing your Vitamin C and zinc consumption can help to improve your eyesight too. It is very important to consider the bigger picture of eating a well-balanced diet; as much as it facilitates your fitness goals it also contributes to your overall health.

In this week’s podcast, I explore some of the most important things to consider when planning your diet and your choices regarding food. I’ll also explain why healthy choices involve¬†much more than just deciding what to eat so you can make the best decisions for yourself.