Home Calisthenics Tips and Motivation With Jake of JG Calisthenics

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Few people in the fitness and calisthenics industry can come even close to the honesty and integrity that Jake brings to the table.

Like many other’s Jake has had his ups and downs in fitness, and has overcome them with practical and applicable strategies.

I recently had the privilidge to chat with Jake and pick his brain on the keys to his real-life success. Check out this week’s episode of the RDP Podcast and the following topics below:

Jake’s flexible approach for fitness success: 1:12

Tips for unbreakable self-motivation: 4:14

How to overcoming over thinking: 7:17

Should you build your own routine or use a preplanned workout? 10:10

Is your optimal routine holding you back? 13:38

How to best re-enter into normal fitness habits after COVID-19: 17:57

How to get started and build momentum after a break: 20:01

Is it better to build fitness habits gradually or to make big changes really fast? 22:44

How to keep home workouts feeling fresh and fun: 25:39

Learn more about Jake and JG Calisthenics:

Website: www.jgcalisthenics.co.uk Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEVLCrTz5sVGwS_5t20Ag3g Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jg_calisthenics/