how to cultivate a white belt mindset

How 2 Cultivate the While Belt Mindset

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In my last post I talked about how once you believe you know what to do you’re potential to progress stops dead in it’s tracks.

Your further progress doesn’t come from what you know, but what you learn. If all you do is know and never learn then you never progress. You don’t get faster. You can’t get leaner, and you will never get stronger.

The white belt mindset is one where the person is open to learning new information and thus they make rapid progress. The question is, how do you cultivate such a mindset? A beginners mind, that’s open to learning new things, is like confidence and mental discipline. It’s not something you can just decide to do or have. Instead it’s something you must understand at the deepest level within your subconscious which is much harder to reach than by simply making a choice at the superficial level.

The answer is actually very simple. To cultivate the white belt mindset you must constantly be learning. It’s not good enough to know that learning is good or that you should do it.  You must put learning into daily practice. Learning, like all things, is a habit and once you have established the habit you’ll constantly be learning and growing.

Take for example the push up. When I started focusing on doing push ups I was amazed at how much I was discovering about the push up. Here I was, thinking that I knew how to do a push up and suddenly I realized I didn’t know anything about the move. It seemed like every week I was learning something new.

After about 5 years I’m still learning more about the humble push up because I’ve been constantly learning this whole time, I’ve come to accept the fact that, despite having learned a lot, there is still a lot more left to learn. My goal is to learn something new, or make a new discovery with every push up workout I do. If I do that, then I learn and I continue to get stronger.

I continue to learn new things about the push up because I’ve done so for the past 5 years. Why should I believe I’ve reached the end of my journey? Every time I workout, I’m struck with the realization that there are still new discoveries to be made. And so, I continue to use every workout as something of a mini R&D session for the Red Delta Project. A workout is not just exercise, it’s research and development.