How Easier Exercise Makes Your Body Harder

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I have a crazy idea when it comes to fitness.

I believe that achieving success comes down to making it easier to do what is necessary to achieve that success. The easier you make things, the faster you’ll reach your goals and the lofty peaks of success suddenly are well within reach.

This is why I’m such a big fan of calisthenics and the Triad Muscle Revolution. It’s so efficient, so simple and so technical that I believe it’s one of the best ways to make the necessary  easier to do.

To recap; you’re success boils down to just 3 exercise factors:

– The frequency at which you exercise, or how much you do.

– The intensity at which you exercise, or how hard you work.

– The technique you use in the exercise, or how skillfully you do the exercise.

So in short, it all comes down to taking a exercise and doing it more and doing it harder and doing it better.

Calisthenics is great in the way that it makes it so much easier to fulfill all three of these exercise factors.

– It’s body weight based so doing the exercise is ridiculously efficient. It takes far less lifestyle resources (time, money, energy, discipline) to get in a workout. This makes it much easier to do more exercise over the course of many weeks, months and years.

– I truly believe body weight training works the body without necessarily stressing the crap out of it. If anything, it makes your body and mind more resilient to stress. This means you can do more exercise, at a higher level of intensity with less fatigue, burn out, injury and risk of over training.

– Calisthenics is so easy to crank the intensity. Many people believe body weight training is limited when it comes to intensity, but it’s actually easier to enhance the level of intensity with BW training than with conventional weight training. This is due to the fact that there are 2 primary means of increasing the intensity. You can a) add weight to your body, you can add extra weight to any body weight exercise and b) you can alter the leverage of the exercise so your muscles have more work load even though your body weight doesn’t change. Compared to just “adding weight to the bar” calisthenics gives you far more options at increasing intensity than you’ll ever need.

– Calisthenics is a highly technical form of training. Every exercise uses every muscle and joint in the body. Given how many muscles and joints are in your body, you can improve 101 different things about even the most basic technique and still have lots of potential for improvement.

It’s because of these unique characteristics that calisthenics makes it easier to fulfill the 3 essential elements of exercise progression. Thus making it easier to exercise more, harder and better makes it far easier for you to build a rock solid body that looks and performs like never before.