Fitness Skills; Better Results With Less Cost

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The attainment and refinement of you fitness skills is the path to not only greater results in fitness but also more lifestyle freedom.

The reason is simple. The better your skills are, the less resources you need to spend to get results.

When I was first getting into strength training my workouts were 2-3 hours long and I needed an entire gym filled with equipment. Even though I crammed a boatload of stuff into my tiny apartment I still wanted more.

I beleived it wasn’t possible fully train your chest without an adjustable bench, both barbells and dumbbells, a peck fly machine, cable cross-over and at least 3 pieced os Hammer Strength press machines.

Now that my skills have improved all I need is 20 minutes and a pull up bar to have a great workout. It’s not because of some trick or strategy I learned at a fitness conference. It’s simply because I’ve become better at things like pull ups, single leg squats and push ups. I don’t need much else because I’ve found ways to squeeze more out of the moves that require less resources.

This goes for diet as well. I once needed a strict diet with all sorts of rules and restrictions. Now I have a diet most folks would consider carefree  yet I’m leaner, stronger and healthier than ever. Again it’s simply because of the skills I’ve built up. I can have my cake and eat it too, not because of genetics or luck but because I know how to include cake in my diet without the negative consequences.

Skills are the answer. It’s not just about working harder, having more stuff or adopting more rules. Those things often use up more resources and often send us in the wrong direction. They give you the false sense of security that if we buy more, spend more and hustle more then you should always get more. The only problem is your resources are not infinite. You can only spend so much before stress (which is an over use of resources) breaks you down.

By improving your skills, which is what this site is all about, you’ll be able to improve your results without spending more. In many cases you’ll even spend less. So you don’t always need more time, money or equipment. Mostly you just need to progress your skills and save all of those resources for other things.