The Magic Behind Working Out Twice a Day

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Turns out you can sprint the distance of a marathon…..you just can’t do it all at once.

I’m writing this post in Colorado Springs, home of the USA Olympic Training Center and the NSCA training association.

I tell ya, nothing kicks your butt more than doing a simple thing at altitude. I raced up a 5 story tall flight of stairs and nearly keeled over at the top.

Despite my hacking and coughing, I felt pretty good thanks to my new two a day workout strategy.

Doing two mini workouts a day has become the norm for me over the past few weeks.  I didn’t intend to start doing two-a-day workouts but the benefits are just too good to pass up.

For starters, doing two mini workouts a day doesn’t beat up the body or the mind nearly as much. It’s so much easier to consume and digest two mini workouts as opposed to just one.

The other advantage is that I can work much harder and longer at the same time. My normal workouts are about 40 minutes of pretty intense work. But by splitting the workload up I can work much harder, yet the total amount of time is increased over the course of the day.

The other benefit is that the two mini workouts are great for mental and physical boosts during the day. With one big workout my energy level is relatively low all day and then it spikes with one workout towards the evening.

With the two workouts I get a jolt that pushes my energy level and mental focus up a notch twice as many times.

It goes without saying that Taigoki and body weight style exercise is perfect for the two-a-day workout style.  Even as I sit here in a hotel I can still get in a mini workout twice a day. I don’t have to arrange my who vacation schedule to fit my workouts. The flexibility of  Taigoki gives me the freedom to hit two-a-days even when I am miles from a commercial gym.