how much protein do you really need

How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

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There’s far too much confusion and debate out there regarding protein consumption. It’s so easy to feel lost when trying to figure out how much protein you should eat to build muscle or lose weight.

You’ll have to be your own detective to know how much protein you really need.

Looking for numbers doesn’t usually help because one expert’s answer is another experts criticism. It’s almost impossible to find solid answers these days.

That’s why I created this simple 2.5-step plan that doesn’t require any number crunching but it will leave you without any doubt how much protein you really need. All it takes is a little time and effort to become your own protein detective.

Step 1A Establish consistent dietary habits

Consistency is the foundation with all success in diet and exercise. Without it, you don’t know up from down, nor can any change take effect when they are applied in a haphazard fashion.

That’s why step one is to get your diet consistent. Try to eat the same basic foods, in the same quantities at roughly the same time each day. You don’t have to make everything the same, just avoid wide variations from one week to the next.

Step 1B Get protein at each meal

While you’re getting consistent be sure to get some sort of protein source with each meal. It doesn’t need to be the main component of the meal, just make sure there’s something on your plate that can bring you some protein. This will ensure you have a consistent and steady protein intake.

Step 2 Adjust protein intake and see what happens

Once you’re standing on a consistent foundation, it’s time to experiment. Add in some extra protein at each meal or two, or maybe include an extra snack. Don’t worry about the numbers. All you need to know is if you’re eating more than you normally do. Give it a week or two and see what happesns. Take note of your energy level, how your workouts feel and your weight. If more protein is a good idea, you should notice some benefits. If you don’t notice any then chances are you didn’t need any more than you had.

There ya go, 3 steps to perfectly dial in your protein intake no fancy formula required.