How to Achieve Infinite Calisthenics Progress

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Calisthenics progress is often perceived as something that’s very limited. Even well-educated fitness experts will claim that, while calisthenics is a sound training method, it can only take you so far. This perception is one of the reasons why many people don’t want to devote their time and energy to calisthenics. Why invest yourself in a limited system?

The reality is, calisthenics isn’t nearly as limited as popular opinion would have you believe. In fact, you can potentially achieve progress in calisthenics throughout your entire life!

Doing a plank with feet suspended.

Calisthenics progress is only limited by the attitude and approach you bring to your training.

Infinite calisthenics progress is possible once you shed two limiting mindsets that are very prevalent with calisthenics training. The first of these mindsets is the belief that you fully understand an exercise. This happens when you become moderately proficient in a move and start believing you know all there is to know. This stage is sort of the “adolescence” stage of your training. Just like when you were in high school or college, it’s easy to look at how much you’ve learned and felt like you have things pretty well figured out. This causes you to take your foot off the progression gas pedal and just coast on what you understand. While that may help you maintain your moderate level of ability, it keeps you stuck where you are.

The second mindset is when you become fixated on progressing your training through just one or two adjustments. Most of the time, these include how much weight you’re lifting or how many reps you can do. While resistance and time under tension are very important, they are not everything. There are many ways you can progress any exercise from a technical standpoint. In my post on the Table of Progressive Elements, I outline 9 different ways you can progress. Yes, 9!

Achieving Infinite calisthenics progress is possible once you realize that a) There is always more to learn and you should always be looking for the next step and b) you look to progress on a technical level. These two things are critical in helping you progress in any area of life, but most especially in calisthenics.

Listen in to this week’s podcast for more ideas on how to progress on a technical level and the mindset for infinite calisthenics progress.