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How to Avoid Common Fitness Traps

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Traps and snares abound in diet and exercise. These traps lure you into their jaws with promises of results and security, only to snap shut and limit your potential.

One of the most common traps is the cardio trap where you find yourself eating a lot because you workout, and you workout because you eat a lot. This creates a vicious cycle which exhausts your time and energy. It also makes you feel like you’re barely holding on as you struggle through each week to avoid weight gain. Both working out and eating creates stress that is relieved by the other half of the cycle. It can make you feel like you’re running around, yet going nowhere.

The cardio trap cycle of eating and working out

The popular cardio trap. Eating a lot because you workout and working out a lot because of how much you eat.

Check out this week’s podcast where I discuss how to break free of the cardio trap plus other popular traps that limit your lifestyle and fitness potential.