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How to Balance Out Emotion and Logic Dominance

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Most folks are either emotion or logic strong in their philosophy and approach to fitness. You can check out this post to learn about emotion and logic dominance but here are the cliff notes:

Logic dominant individuals:

  • Keep looking for the best and latest science and information.
  • Over-rely on knowing the “right” way to do things or the right program that will work for them.
  • Can become stuck by paralysis¬†by analysis.
  • Have a wealth of knowledge regarding diet and exercise.

Emotion dominant individuals:

  • Over-rely on hard work.
  • Take fast and consistent action.
  • Run the risk of running around in circles for months or even years without actually getting anywhere.

Each of these personalities put you at risk of working hard for minimal results. The good news is once you balance them out, you can unlock the brakes that are making you work twice as hard for half the results.

In this week’s podcast I talk about how you can balance these out through using 3 different sources of information.