How to Break Out of the Diet and Exercise Rat Race

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The modern rat race doesn’t just involve slaving away in a job you dislike while living paycheck to paycheck. It also involves struggling to stick to impossible diet and exercise habits while feeling like you can’t get ahead no matter how hard you work.

Getting caught in the fitness rat race is no fun. On one hand you’re working as hard as you can and burning yourself out, but at the same time you can’t slow down or else you’ll fall back.

In this week’s episode I share how to break out of the fitness rat race, reduce stress and break plateaus for good.

Live feed Q&A timestamps:

How to progress from two arm to one arm pull-ups 18:46

How to prevent strap rubbing on your arms while doing ring/ suspension dips? 21:54

Can smaller hands do one arm pull-ups on a thick bar? 24:46

Is philosophy and phycology important in fitness? 26:43

Should you relax at the bottom while doing dips? 29:18

Addressing pain during scapular winging 31:46

When is the best time to take a break from training? 33:09

Addressing weak hips and collapsing knees during pistol squats 35:13

Is 6 hours of sleep enough? 37:14

Are micro Workouts good for a novice exerciser? 37:58

Should you really rest 2 full days before working a muscle again? 40:57

Is it okay to lean forward while doing dips? 42:17

Tips for getting more pull-ups 43:16

Are Bodyweight dips necessary for chest development? 45:15

Are Y-flies just like front raises for the shoulders? 47:09