How to Get Over Diet & Exercise Fear

In Methods & Success Mindsetby Matt

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Fear is one of the biggest barrier you face in your fitness career

Unfortunately, much of our fitness culture is based upon fear. Diets are based upon avoiding foods that make you fat and cause disease. Workout programs are based upon preventing weight gain and destroying weakness. Almost every dietary or exercise dogma is based not so much upon what benefits it can bring you but rather what’s wrong with all of the other dogmas. ¬†Fear is rampant.

Success is never built upon a foundation of fear. You can’t build anything by preventing destruction. The only way to build anything positive is to start from a positive and constructive mentality.

Self confidence is essential to doing just such a thing. You can’t become more when you think less of yourself. You must become strong and confident within before that strength can become a reality in your environment.

Unfortunately you can’t fake self confidence or banish fear through shear will. You can’t just step up and proclaim that you no longer are afraid of the dark. You can’t just point your skies down the black diamond and say you can do it easily, nor can you eat a cookie without a care in the world through choice.

The only way to banish such fear through repetition. How do you stop fearing the push up or no longer feel nervous about eating certain foods? You start small and you keep doing it over and over and over.

All fears settle through familiarity. I don’t fear eating junk food because I’ve done it enough to know how to eat it without gaining weight or feeling bad. I have no fear skiing the steepest hills in Vermont because I’ve done it so much it’s a familiar experience to me. It still a challenge and it’s not easy, but it’s certainly not something I’m afraid of.

As I’ve said before, comfort is an essential component to success. Becoming comfortable with the idea of a hard workout or a cookie recipe is important in being able to charge forth without hesitation and to strive to push even harder to progress. Fear makes progress difficult. While it’s not impossible to banish from your life, the comfort afforded by repetition will give you comfort and strength thus allowing you to progress to the next level.