How to Do a Proper Sit Up

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Sit Ups. Safe, effective and even therapeutic!

Sit Ups. Safe, effective and even therapeutic!

The sit up just doesn’t get the credit it rightfully deserves. It’s a solid, effective and safe way to really work your abs without any equipment. It’s even a great way to teach yourself how to develop abdominal dominant flexion as opposed to the much more common (and injury prone) hip dominant flexion.

I’m on a quest to bring the sit up back and this video is where it all begins. Give it a watch and let me know your thoughts down below.

Try it in this workout:

– Warm up with holding a plank for 30 seconds focusing on keep your abs flexed.

Do 3 sets of as many sit ups as possible with 45 seconds of rest in between each set.

Finish with holding the plank once again for 1 minute to finish those abdominals off!