How to Eat More Veggies, Even if you Don’t Like Them

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Eating more fruits and veggies is a common dietary recommendation in our fitness culture. For me, fruit was always pretty easy. It’s portable, sweet and refreshing to eat. It’s a great snack.

However veggies are a different issue.

I have a hard time eating strait up veggies. A bag of carrots or a head of lettuce isn’t exactly what I would call a decent snack. It just doesn’t have the sweet and juicy characteristics fruit has to make it satisfying on its own.My strategy for eating more veggies is that I don’t use veggies as a food staple. Instead, I use them as a condiment.

I add them to pastas, sandwiches, and anything else I can mix or add them into. I just load up that potato or heap them on the pizza.

By using veggies as a condiment they are not a staple in themselves, but they enhance other staples like meat or pasta. They bring extra color, texture, flavor and a crap load of nutritional fire power.

The only exception is when I make a salad. That’s when the veggies are a bit more of a food staple. But even then, I add in so much cheese, protien and dressing that the veggies make up maybe 50 percent of the volume and calories.

If you’re having trouble motivating yourself to eat a bag of baby carrots instead of potato chips use the carrots for some beef stew instead.

You just might find a new love for artichokes when they adorns a wood fired pizza.