How to Escape the Confusion of Diet & Exercise Debates

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Debates abound in our fitness culture. Paleo vs vegan. Lifting to failure vs saving a few reps in the tank. Fasting vs frequent meals. HIIT vs long slow distance cardio.

There’s never an end to the parade of experts telling you that one side is best while the other is the worst, even though you get that message on both sides. Meanwhile you just get caught in a tug-of-war between the two not knowing what you really should do.

So let’s fix that! In this week’s episode I’m going to show you how I make sense of every debate in fitness and find that elusive middle ground for true progress.

Q&A Time stamps:

Circuit training vs straight sets for building muscle and burning fat? 11:19

Tips for increasing handstand push-up reps 13:55

How to combine calisthenics with indoor rowing 15:37

How to find a good place to run or do park workouts 18:51

Grease the groove vs working a muscle 2-3X/ week 21”09 

Talking tendon strength and popping joints 23:06

Suggestions for Lower back pain & shoulder mobility issues 26:59

Thoughts on working out high 28:46

How to engage the lats during horizontal rows 31:06

 Training considerations with age? 32:37

( 3 training benefits that come with age podcast: 

 Can you get bigger and stronger with just isometrics? 36:15

Thoughts on the hollow body position 38:57

Is it okay to just focus on one exercise? 40:48

Are higher reps for muscle growth in the chest good? 44:36

When to add weight to push-ups and Pull-ups 45:16

Is it better to explode out of the bottom positing of the rep? 47:03

Are back bridges enough to work the back? 47:45

Building straight arm strength on rings: 48:26

Improving Lat activation on any back exercise 50:00

How many days a week should you strength train along with sports? 52:17

How do you tell the difference between being lazy vs recovery with intuitive training 53:57

Can you use Pull-up isometrics w/ backfilling? 56:22