How to Discover What Diet & Exercise Methods Will Work Best for You

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It seems like everyone is searching for what works best for them.

To a large degree this search is a fruitless wild goose chase. This is because we are all the same at the root cause. We all run faster, build muscle and lose fat for the same reasons. In addition very few people have no idea what it means to find something that will work for them. Some folks are looking for a program to make the results happen for them but the opposite is the case. Your results only happen once you supply what’s going to work, not the other way around. Still, some methods just seem to fit better than others so the search is on for those methods.

In this week’s podcast I go over the 5 components of a plan that will work for you and what you should look for. If you have all 5 of these parts then you’re assured success, but leave just one out and you’ll forever be searching for what works for you.