How to Make Calisthenics More Effective For Building Muscle

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Calisthenics is fantastic for building muscle; provided you understand how to do it in an effective manner.

One of the biggest obstacles people face with calisthenics, is the technical challenge involved with advanced exercises. Improving your calisthenics skills is a very rewarding and worthwhile endeavor, but it may not be the best way to build muscle.

It can be difficult to push your muscles hard enough if you’re always limited by things like coordination and balance. That’s why Grind-Style Calisthenics focuses on using exercises that use a lot of muscle tension while requiring a minimal amount of technical skill.

Check out these two videos for examples on some of the best low-skill but high tension exercises for building your upper body:

Pull-chain exercises for building muscle in your back, biceps and shoulders.
Push-chain exercises for building muscle mass in the chest, shoulders and triceps.

Decreasing the technical demand of an exercise makes it easier to push your muscles to the level of intensity required to build the muscle and strength you want.

Check out this week’s podcast to learn more about how to make it easier to build muscle with calisthenics: