How to Overcome Perfectionism and Other Toxic Fitness Beliefs

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Perfectionism and self-depreciation are just a few of the toxic limiting beliefs that plague our fitness culture.

Most of these beliefs stem from low self-esteem which I covered in last week’s episode, and they can lead to self sabotage while robbing you of control of your health and fitness.

In this episode I tackle these toxic beliefs and then follow up with the weekly live Q&A at the following time stamps:

13:10 Thoughts of training with resistance bands

14:42 Thoughts on balance vs Stability Control

16:36 What’s up with the Iso-loop?

18:42 How to restore workout motivation

23:39 Is circuit training good in the long run?

25:18 Am I natural?

26:45 Do you do yoga?

28:05 How many hours a week do I train?

29:50 Are rings a good lifetime investment?

30:40 How do I determine if I will lift heavy or light in a workout?

33:55 How can you train legs effectively like the upper body?

36:22 What’s up with the Micro Workouts Book?

37:52 Are archer dips possible?

40:20 How to handle late night cravings

45:54 One arm push-up advice