How to Put a Dent in the On-Line Fitness Universe w/ Al Kavadlo

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Al Kavadlo has just released his latest project, his Fitness Pro Master Class which is all about helping fitness professionals establish a credible foot-hold on the internet.

The business of in-person fitness coaching has always been challenging even in the best of times. Now, this whole COVID thing has made it almost impossible to support yourself through just face-to-face business.

Personally, I thank my lucky stars that I already had my Website, YouTube Channel, Podcast, and books on Amazon when my gym closed down. I’ve spent years building those resources, and most of my personal training colleagues thought I was crazy to work so hard to establish my online presence. Now the tables are turned and the grasshoppers are asking this ant for advice on how to survive the COVID winter.

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend more than 10 years of trial and error to establish yourself as I have. Just take a listen to Al’s advice on how to fast-track your way to improving your on-line impact in this week’s episode of the RDP podcast:

Check out Al’s Fitness Pro Master Class here.