How to Remove 5 Muscle Building Obstacles with Gring-Style Calisthenics

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Grand Style Calisthenics was created to make it as easy as possible for you to build muscle and strength. This is done by removing several of the biggest obstacles that stand in your way towards that goal.

Obstacle #1 High-maintenance exercise habits

One of the biggest obstacles for building muscle and strength is maintaining consistent exercise habits. There’s no getting around it, in order to build and maintain a decent level of fitness you have to adhere to consistent exercise habits for months, even years on end.

The efficient nature of body weight training quickly solves this by not requiring an inconvenient gym membership or long and taxing workouts that are difficult to maintain for long periods of time.

Obstacle #2 Poor tension control

Every grind-style workout starts with a brief warm-up to engage the muscles and practice tension control. Since tension control is an inherent skill, you can always be improved upon and this helps to ensure sleepy muscles are awake and ready for the activity to come.

Obstacle #3 Instability

The next stage of a grind-style work out is to practice basic stability exercises to build total body control. You can only be as strong as you are stable, so this helps use your attention control to build a broader foundation of stability which will make it a lot easier to build strength and muscle.

Obstacle # 4 Lack of strength

You can only be as big as you are strong. While it is possible to be strong with relatively small muscles, it’s incredibly difficult to build bigger muscles if you are not strong. That’s why the third phase of a grind-style work out is about working your strength with progressive time under tension.

Obstacle #5 Lack of sufficient muscular fatigue

Building strength will greatly enhance your ability to build muscle and you can stop at the strength building phase and still build an impressive physique. But the final phase of a grind-style work out is to employ a simple finisher or muscle focused exercise to thoroughly fatigue the target muscle groups ensuring adequate muscle building stimulation.

Using all of these strategies together effectively removes some of the greatest obstacles between your ability to build strength and muscle. Thus, it will be easier for you to not only achieve but also maintain results for years to come.