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How to Unlock Your Potential in All Forms of Exercise

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It’s important to have a focus on what you want to improve upon during each of your workouts.

Today I’m writing about something that everyone should focus on from time to time.
I know what some of you may be thinking, that your technique is solid and that it doesn’t need much work.
Unfortunately, that’s exactly the sort of thinking that holds millions of people back from progressing in their exercise goals. I know it held me back for years.
Much of the reason may stem from the belief that the technical aspects of an exercise are only for the beginner. It’s kind of like learning how to write. At first you learn how to make the letters and from there you move onto composition and writing skills. I’m willing you bet you won’t find Steven King sitting at his desk practicing how to write the letter ‘A’ 100 times a day.
And so it may be with learning to exercise. You learn the basics enough to perform the move and then you get into how to construct the workout program with sets, reps and time.
And yet, all physical skills can gain an unlimited level of proficiency. Pro golfers still work on their swing. Pro basket ball players work on their foul shot. The best never settle for what they have. They are always looking to make their technique better.
And there lies the secret to a lot of success in fitness. It’s not about doing new and exotic things. It’s about taking the common techniques and doing them uncommonly well.
Here’s what I recommend:-Step 1: ¬†Find and have something spacific to work on.

You can’t improve your technique without knowing what to do. I suggest you seek out the experts in the exercise of your choice. They will inevitably know more about the technique than you do. If you can’t find them in person, seek out videos on YouTube. There is plenty free technical instruction out there.
Another thing you can do is video tape yourself doing the move. Chances are you’ll spot at least 3-4 things you can change right from that.-Step 2: Focus on one thing at a time.

I once learned from a golf coach that you never try and work on many things at a time. The mind just can’t use the required focus on multiple points of interest. Just pick on detail and put everything you have into getting that one thing nailed down tight.-Step 3: keep the Intensity moderate and the volume light.

It’s inevitable that heavy intensity and large volume will erode your technique to some degree. It’s almost impossible to improve your technique while also pushing other omits of your capability.
I find that If I push at about 70% I can still get a great workout while also dialing in the technique. I also keep the reps at or below 5 to prevent fatigue. I do however recommend lots of sets, so you can really get the changes you are making down pat and in grained into your nervous system.
You don’t have to make an entire workout focused on your technique. It’s a great thing to use as a warm up strategy to get your mind focused and in tune with the workout to come. It’s also a great workout strategy to use on those days where you may be feeling a bit off or in a rut.