Humans Didn’t Evolve to Be Fat and Out of Shape

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As the theories go, we humans evolved to be out of shape in our modern society. Our bodies have been designed to survive, and survival supposedly means, craving junk food, doing very little exercise and  watching marathons of Breaking Bad.

I used to accept this theory, but now I’m thinking it’s a great big myth. I don’t believe our evolution has set us up to be fat and lazy.

Laziness is from the mind, not the cells in your physical being.  As I always say, “the body is simple, it does whatever your mind tells it to do. It’s training your mind that’s the hard part.” The take home message is simple, don’t let anyone convince you that you were born to be fat, weak, lazy or slow. Evolution favors those who have genetic traits that improve their chances of survival and the ability to reproduce. At no point in human history was being weak, fat and  lazy  advantageous to our survival.

Storing fat gave our ancestors no advantage unless they could also burn that fat just as well. Muscle and strength is the engine that drives the human body’s over all ability to do everything from hunt, to fight and even build shelter. There was no evolutionary advantage to being a weakling.

All of these ideas about it being difficult to burn fat or build muscle are due to our modern society, our modern perceptions of the body and the terribly inefficient methods that have been popularized by our fitness culture. The challenges we face, to be strong and lean are from our own hand, not the fate of natural forces. Once we can understand that and accept it, we can stop fighting our evolutionary inheritance and start using the blessings it has bestowed upon us.