I Always Lift with My Ego

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Lifting with your ego is something many experts caution you against. I however, aim to lift with my ego as much as possible.

The difference between my approach is that my ego isn’t attached to weight or reps. My ego is 100% focused on my technique.

The technical side of an exercise is always what’s most impressive, especialy when you’re bragging about being able to do 100 push ups or dead lift 600 pounds. Maybe it’s because I’m a trainer but if someone tells me they can do 100 push ups I immediately question their technique. I’ve simply had too many experiences where I train someone who can do 20 pull ups and then bring that number into the single digits with a few tweaks.

If you brag about how much you can lift or how many reps you can do, be aware that your technical proficiency is going to be called into question at some point. However, do even a few reps with a technique that oozes mastery and you’ll get props regardless of how many you do or what the weight is.

So yea, I lift with my ego. Just because I know people are paying attention to and respecting the technique. Because technique isn’t everything.

It’s the only thing.