I work at a Gym…and So Do You!

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I used to get a lot of folks telling me “I would be in great shape too if I worked at a gym all day.”

I don’t know what these folks think about my work day, sure some days I have chunks of exercise sprinkled throughout the day, but some days I’m so busy that I would be lucky to get in even 5 minutes of exercise.  However, I see their point. Imagine just how much easier it would be to stay in shape if you were always surrounded by the resources to exercise and train. What those folks don’t understand is that I’m always surrounded by exercise resources no matter where I am. All I need is a floor, a sturdy wall and something to hang from.  If I have those three things I have a gym. Sure the gym I work at is stocked with loads of equipment, and I use a lot of it to train my clients because that’s what they enjoy using. However, I never really use any of it. I don’t need it.

The beauty of body weight training is that it turns your whole world into a fitness resource. I can get a great workout at home, in the park or even on a stairwell. I have just as much of a fitness advantage working in an office building as I do in a fully equipped gym and the best part is so do you!

I’ve known people who spend thousands of dollars on a well equipped home gym and once all of their toys are filling up their basement they tell me “well I have no excuses now.” I have to hold back because I was always tempted to say “you’ve always had plenty of resources to get a great workout even when this basement was filled with nothing but boxes and junk.”

The lesson of this post isn’t about how body weight training turns any environment into your personal gym. The lesson is that fitness resources surround you every single day 24/7 regardless of  where you live, work or play. You don’t need a special place or equipment to gain the ability to exercise. All you need are some basic skills and a certain eye to turn your environment into your personal gym.