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Improve Your Leg Raises w/ Supportive Tension

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Leg Raises are becoming the gold standard for my core and abdominal training. The more I learn about them the stronger my abs get.

Recently, I’ve been playing with adding a lot more tension in my arms and upper back while doing them from a hanging position. While the muscles in my back don’t lift my legs, they do play a supportive role during the exercise.

Use your upper back while doing leg raises

The tension in your upper back (in red) can add stability and control to your leg raises

Keeping your upper back super tight will prevent your body from moving in ways that take resistance out of your hanging leg raises. It slightly pushes your torso forward and keeps it from swinging back which forces your abs to pull your hips up and forward more against gravity.

The tension in your back does the same thing as ab machines that support your back and keep it still throughout the exercise. It provides support for your torso and keeps you stable while moving your legs which can create a lot of momentum.

supported leg raises

This piece of equipment is helping support my back just as the tension in my muscles can while hanging.

With hanging leg raises the tension in your back plays the same role in keeping you stable. It also helps you strengthen your arms and back which is always a nice bonus. This is also similar to keeping your back tight while doing dip bar leg raises. It’s all about keeping tension in muscles that are not directly involved in the movement which improves your muscle control and tension skills as a whole. The result is you build move overall strength and muscle through improving the quality of a few basic moves.