The Inherent Flaw of Dietary Restriction

In Diet-Free Healthy Eating / Fat Loss/ Nutrition by Matt

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Many healthy eating strategies make the mistake of basing their approach on dietary restriction. It doesn’t matter if it’s fasting, paleo, raw, low carb or based on the glycemic index. Almost all popular diets make the mistake of assuming that the best way to achieve a healthy diet is to restrict your food choices in some way.

Some restrict what you can eat, while other methods restrict when you might eat. Some methods just recommend a number of rules that restrict your diet by default.

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Basing your diet on restriction has some merit. Afterall, a lot of the unhealthy diets are the result of over-consumption so it makes sense to cut back to avoid such a fate. While overeating may be the common issue, the restriction isn’t always the best approach in all cases. In some ways, the progressive restriction can just mean trading one set of issues for another.

In this week’s podcast, I explore how the idea of dietary restriction came about, why it can be detrimental and what you can do to achieve a healthy diet without any restriction at all.