Intuitive Training for Beginners

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Intuitive training (or adaptive training as I’m starting to call it) is something I’ve been practicing for several months now to great success. It allows you to have a much more flexible approach to working out so your workouts fit your daily circumstances.

Benefits include less stress on mind, body and lifestyle, plus a much more consistent ability to experience killer workouts.

Check out this week’s podcast where I discuss how to get started plus this week’s live Q&A.

Live feed Q&A time stamps:

Progressing beyond the shrimp and pistol squat 17:49 

Why am I feeling pull-ups mostly in m forearms? 19:45

Best isometric exercises? 21:40

How to get motivated to workout after a long lay-off? 23:07

Tips on overcoming low pain tolerance 27:54

What should I do if I’m looking to become a personal trainer? 31:17

What’s my opinion on Old School Calisthenics high-volume workout program? 35:17

What is the best abdominal isolating exercise? 39:59

Ido Portal’s Squat and pull-up program? 41:50

Why is retracted scapula so important? 43:22