Is Energy Balance Different Than Calorie Balance?

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Calorie balance is often synonymous with energy balance.

While a calorie is technically a unit of energy, the term is all too often over simplified as the energy consumed in food and expended through activity.

I’m starting to think this may be an incredibly limited perspective. There is far more to weight loss/management than diet and exercise. In fact, my recent experiment has hinted at the idea that the realm of fitness and weight management goes far beyond food and movement.

I’m warning you though that these theories are very new and I’m just getting my feet wet  at the moment. I reserve the right to add, subtract or change any of this at any time.

With that said, I present you with this audio and my ideas that have practically transformed my entire perspective on fitness and life over night.

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts down below!

energy balance isn’t just calorie balance