Feel a muscle working

Is it Important to Feel a Muscle Working?

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Many experts claim that focusing on how an exercise feels is a waste of time. I used to believe this too. I fell into the idea that the numbers you put in your log and your program was the key to success.

playground pull up

How an exercise feels can make all the difference in the world!

After many years of frustration and injury, I started training smarter rather than just harder. This meant the numbers were not the be-all towards success but rather what went into those numbers. You could do 100 push ups and get little in return, or you can do 100 and see massive progress. It’s all down to what goes into those 100 push ups, not the simple fact that you pushed yourself off the floor 100 times.

Unfortunately, a large part of the quality that goes into each rep is very hard to measure. It’s very difficult, to measure the effectiveness of an exercise. That’s why how the exercise feels is so very important.

Check out this week’s podcast to learn exactly why how an exercise feels is so important and the promise it holds for you.