Breaking Free From the Traditional Workout

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One of the biggest advantages of  body weight training is the freedom to break free from the traditional workout.

We humans were never really meant to condition our body through the confines of the typical workout. We were built to be active during the day, all day, every day.

But working out has become much more of an artificial mode of physical conditioning. Instead of peppering activity through the day, we spend most of the day sitting around and then assault both body and mind with a short, but very stressful, workout session.

We then go back to our sedentary ways.

This sort of active lifestyle can be very stressful. It’s stressful to be sitting for a long time. It’s stressful to work really hard after sitting for so long. It’s also stressful to cram as much activity into a short period of time such as an hour or two.

I love body weight training because it’s so easy to sprinkle some activity throughout the day. When I refer to push day in the TMR I don’t mean that it’s the day you have a pushing workout. I mean that it’s a whole day of pushing exercises. Some dips in the morning, a session of push ups after lunch and finish with some weighted ring dips when you get home from work.

This training strategy spares you from the high stress style of mixing in extreme sedentary habits along with high stress workouts.

The notion that you have to concentrate all of your exercise into one active session is a myth. 50 pull ups a day is 50 pull ups a day regardless of if you do them all at once or spread out through the day.

Body weight training makes this sort of training far more possible. If you have to rely on a specific location or equipment you’re much less likely to be able to spread out your workout. You’ll hit the gym during that one narrow window in your schedule.

Advantages of this system include:

– Less fatigue and stress on the joints.

– A higher energy level during the day.

– More focus and concentration because each set is done with fresher muscles and greater mental focus.

– A greater chance of getting in some activity when you’re feeling best. If you’re tried in the morning then you’ll simply have another chance later on that day.

– It may be easier to schedule exercise when you can fit it in rather than trying to carve out an hour or two.

Play with the idea of doing a selected exercise throughout the day. You don’t have to do equal amounts during each session.Play with breaking the rules and the boundaries of the typical workout. You very well may find yourself breaking the boundaries of what you thought was possible.