is there a perfect workout routine

Is There a Perfect Workout Routine?

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I’ve never been a big follower of following a specific workout routine. You won’t find me staying up at night researching the latest science on what ingredients go into a great workout routine.

A good routine helps your workouts stay consistent and balanced, but it shouldn’t do much more beyond that.

I’ve always taken a much more liberal approach towards workout structure. Sometimes, I’ve been a little too carefree and my workouts have lacked the structure to produce consistent results. Other times, I’ve been so rigid in my approach that I’ve followed a routine to the smallest detail even if it no longer worked or produced negative consequences.

What I’ve discovered, Is that the secret to building muscle, losing weight, or improving performance isn’t in the latest science on how to structure your workouts. A workout routine is an essential component to your success but it is not the cause of the results you seek.

Listen in to the latest podcast, as I discuss the true role a good routine plays in your success and the three qualities that every effective routine contains.