Isolation Vs Compound Exercises, Is one Really Better Than the Other?

In Back & Biceps Training, Chest & Triceps Training, Fitness Independence, Isometric Training, Progressive Calisthenics by Matt

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The debate between isolation and command exercises is starting to rage once again within our fitness culture. So this week, I wanted to take a fundamental approach to get to the bottom of the isolation vs command debate for building muscle and strength once and for all.

Live Feed Q&A:

 Thoughts on Overcoming-Yielding Isometrics 12:31

“I need to work on cardio but I hate doing it”: 15:09

Tips for building huge glutes: 18:56

Tips for juggling health and fitness with a desk job: 22:55

Thoughts on Convict Conditioning 3 24:00

Can you do shoulder presses instead of pike push-ups? 24:52

Talking about diet habits / food vices: 25:43

My new favorite Isochain exercise: 27:29

What does CNS fatigue feel like: 29:26

Dealing with elbow pain when locking out the arms: 30:30

Workout  motivation to look good naked: 31:52

Training legs with poor ankle mobility: 35:00

Should you skip a day if your muscles are sore? 36:00

Tips for passing NASM CPT test: 36:50

Squats or lunges which is best? 38:46

Experience with Iso-Flo self resistance exercises: 40:12