It’s a Burrito Not A Lifestyle

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Yep I was one of those “It’s a lifestyle” kind of people. I told folks that getting in shape was all about lifestyle and that it’s all encompassing blah-blah blah.But then I started to think about what the term, lifestyle, actually meant. When I think lifestyle I think about something that’s somehow woven throughout various aspects of one’s life. It’s when the influence of one aspect of life spills over into other aspects.

Take my outdoor lifestyle for example. I do lots of activities outdoors. I live in an outdoor friendly place with hiking trails and lots of natural surroundings. I have scenes of natural beauty on my computer and on posters. I dream of getting outside in nice weather. I wish for snow instead of luck. Yep, everything from where I work to the thoughts I think are somehow outdoor related.

But when it comes to food, that’s not the case. The foods I eat are no more a part of my lifestyle than the shoes I wear. Would it be fair to say that I have an Adidas lifestyle? I just get up, put them on and go about my day. They are but a simple tool I use for the purpose they were designed for and nothing more. I don’t build the framework of my life around my shoes.

My diet is not a big part of the framework of my life. I get hungry, I eat something and then I move on. I have a simple diet, but it’s certainly not a lifestyle. Food is not my life and by golly I like that.

I get all crazy when people tell me “it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.”
Ugh I can think of many things to base my life around other than trying to avoid sugar or making sure there isn’t any high fructose corn syrup in my pasta sauce.

Granted there are many who make food the focus of their lifestyle. They are chefs, culinary students, farmers, and other such folks who make food part of their path in life. It’s their job, their passion, their career, and that something special that makes them who they are.

God bless ‘em.

Nothing is wrong with making food and diet a life focus. What boils my bacon is this notion that you have to make it such to eat healthy. You don’t need to make your lifestyle based on a diet any more than you need to make cars part of your lifestyle. If you’re a mechanic or a hobbyist then great. But most of us would just be happy to sit, turn the key and get from point A to point B.

Nothing more is required. Anything beyond that is more about passion and joy. If that passion is there then follow it, but if it’s not don’t worry about it.

I don’t need any more special knowledge or food skills any more than I need special knowledge to drive to work. I don’t try to change or adjust my life so I can eat right. Dinner with friends? Great just name the time and place. Pot luck? What would you like me to bring. What do I want for dinner? Anything you like honey.
Just some basic skills, a bit of paying attention to what I’m doing (but primarily while doing it. Have you ever spent your time day after day thinking about your morning commute?) and then I can think about other things that really do make up my passionate lifestyle.

Like the best line to ski on those snowy mountains in the distance.