5 lessons from the history of dieting and weight loss

Lessons from The History of Dieting

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Dieting is a discipline that people have used for hundreds of years. Dietary dogmas have existed ever since people have cared how they looked in their clothes.

In the book, Calories and Corsets a History of Dieting over 2,000 Years, Louise Foxcroft takes the reader through the fads and trends over the years. While the information in the book is great, I learned some pretty eye-opening lessons about why the modern fads are doomed to fail.

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Some of the key takeaways include:

  • Why obesity is not just a modern dilemma and why there never was a universally healthy diet or body shape.
  • Why modern food and food production isn’t the primary cause of obesity.
  • How political and religious ideals have bent most diets to satisfy a hidden agenda rather than your health and well-being.

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