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Fruits and/or Veggies at Every Meal

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Okay I know it’s late, but it’s time for the Red Delta Monthly Challenge.

This month, I challenge you to have some sort of fruit or vegetable at each meal.

Most folks agrea that our classic American diet is lacking fruits and veggies and if you’re looking to improve your health through diet this might be a good place to start.

Now we can argue back and forth about what fruits to eat, or if a pickle spear counts as a vegetable, but let’s not get stuck in the trivial details just yet. Just try to stick to getting fruit or veggie in some shape or form with each meal and chances are pretty good things will improve for ya.

We can argue about if bannanas are healthy or not or if salsa counts as a vegetable some other time.

Some helpful tips to help you along:

– Buy snack bags of veggies like carrots or peppers to quickly throw in a bag lunch for an all day veggie source.

– I don’t look at veggies as a food group in and of themselves. To me they don’t have enough calories or flavor for me to eat them on their own and call them lunch. I look at veggies as a condiment and I put them on everything I can from pizza to sandwiches to enhance taste, texture and nutritional punch.

– Dried fruits are a great snack especialy when combined with nuts and a little chocolate. You can make a killer trail mix from bulk or find it ready made at most grocery stores.

– I find that fruits are more paletable earlier in the day and veggies work best later on for things like dinner.

– I save the super sweet and juicy fruit for that mid afternoon slump when it’s more tempting to grab some junk food. A ripe orange or mango is the ultimate pick-me-up!

– As always, creating a big pot of caserole or stew can make many more meals for the rest of the weak so you don’t have to worry about cooking so much. This will also give you many more veggie rich left overs so it’s much easier to get more veggies.

– Always be willing to try new fruits and veggies instead of always sticking to the same old basics. Star fruit, Kiwi, Snow peas, Kale, Buck Choi, and others can make your tastebuds stand up and take notice.

Good luck with the challenge and as always drop me a line if you have questions or suggestions.