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Muscle Confidence for Muscle Mass

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A lot of trainers talk about keeping your muscles guessing and “confused” in order to shock them into growing.

While such tactics can work, I propose something that can work much better and produce results that last a lot longer. Rather than seeking muscle confusion, I propose you do exactly the opposite and seek muscle confidence.


Neuro-Grips are a great tool to build muscle confidence!

Muscle confidence is just the opposite of muscle confusion. Instead of keeping the mind and body off guard through random variety, you grow as comfortable as possible with the move. Rather than using variety and changing things up, you train your muscles in simple, clear and consistent instructions.
The idea behind this approach is simple. When your mind and body become more used to what you are doing they are ready to advance to the next level in your training. Afterall, you can’t start working on pistol squats until you become extremely comfortable with close squats in Convict Conditioning. 

You can even find examples of this in any other area of life. You can’t learn how to play a musical instrument or move onto the next lesson in school until you’re confident in the introductory material. Then, and only then, can you move onto the advanced stuff. If you keep yourself confused and unsure of what you’re doing you’ll stay stuck at the introductory levels and struggle to make gains.

Check out this video for some examples on how to improve your muscle confidence:

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