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My Favorite App for Muscle Building Workouts

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When it comes to building muscle, everything boils down to the root cause of time under tension. If you can put a muscle under more tension and/or for more time you will grow.

The only challenge is being able to measure that time. Using things like a stopwatch

narrow push up

1 Mississippi………2 Mississippi………3

can be terribly inconvenient, not to mention impossible to use with any accuracy. This is why most folks don’t bother with time under tension and instead simply count reps.

While reps are good, they can be flawed because not all reps are the same. Aiming for more time instead of more reps is a heck of a lot easier to progress. This is especially the case as you get more advanced.

This is why I’m so excited about this new app called Fitmate which makes measuring your time under tension far easier and more accurate.

Check out this video for how I use it and download it for free today. You can find it for free on the app store.