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Home trainer stretch-outs

I have been obsessed with finding the perfect personal exercise equipment for over two decades. I’ve tested and used a lot of equipment out there, and most of it hasn’t earned my recommendation. 

These brands are the few who’s made the cut. 

NOSSK makes the absolute best suspension equipment hands down. Their Home Trainer is the perfect portable weight machine while traveling too.

Versatile, easy to adjust, and comfortable. Kensui EZ Vests are perfect for weighted calisthenics and rucking. 

Duonamic makes the highest quality doorway pull-up handles and rings for the ultimate space-asving calisthenics home gym.

The ultimate source for pull-up bars, rings, bands, and a selection of innovative calisthenics equipment like “Trings” pictured here. 

The best equipment for beginners, Worldfit’s Isotrainer and Isoloop are affordable and easy to use. 

A leader in quantifiable isometric equipment for over sixty years, Bullworkers are an industry standard!

The king of quantifiable isometric equipment for building raw strength and muscle with less joint stress. 

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