My Final Word On How Many Set You Really Need to Build Muscle

In Fitness Independence, Isometric Training, Progressive Calisthenics by Matt

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Asking how many sets you need to do to build muscle, especially with calisthenics, can trap you into an infinite number of rabbit holes.

Every expert and their mom seems to have their thoughts on the subject, and everyone is sighting research and empirical evidence to back up their claims. Despite all of these “answers” you’re still left with the question of how many sets you really need to do.

Understanding how many sets you should do is a really tricky thing to answer for the same reason most other questions are difficult to answer in fitness. Everyone is deferent, and there is any number of both subjective and objective influences that can change the optimal number for you.

All of these influences are why you probably won’t be satisfied with any of the “guess-timations” you find on the internet. That’s why I want to share my personal strategy that I use to know for sure how many sets to do in my own workouts for optimal progress. Check it out in this week’s episode of the R.D.P Podcast.