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My Great Big Physical Energy Experiment Part 2

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Sooooo that's calories hitting the kite?

Sooooo that’s calories hitting the kite?

So it’s been a solid couple of weeks since I’ve begun investigating this whole energy thing.

My learning and discovery is on hyper drive. Every day I’m finding more proof to support my theories, especially when it comes to weight management.

I’m also much more keenly aware of how my life around me is influencing my energy level. Just yesterday I had what anyone would consider a rough day at work but I felt upbeat and energetic. Yet today I had one little negative comment in an email and I felt drained.

In this week’s audio I dove into some of the newest discoveries including:

– An “It’s not food but rather energy” argument from the scientific world of chemistry.

– How energy dams can cause you to become fatter, sicker and weaker.

– Why the “eat less for weight loss” argument may not be the best solution for weight loss.

Check it out now:

Energy Flow prt 2